Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Corrientes, Argentina (5 hours!)

Corrientes was a brief stop on our long bus voyage north, so a grateful stop. Tried to get dinner, but as all restaurants are closed until around 8pm of course (!), remain famished during day. Think casino will be different and provide food, but alas no, not until 9pm. Explore wonderful waterfront and main strip. Main road becomes very, very busy during evening, as we discover always happens in town in Argentina. Evening is social hour, and even if you have no business out in town, people go out to look around and people watch. This happens over and over again. Siesta ends and people surface in large quantities. Love it. Since we can´t get food, make great decision of getting milk and cereal, some raw veggies, yoghurt of course, and heading early to the bus stop. Bus station in every town always very busy, not sure why, as people seem to be hanging out longer than would necessitate a wait for a bus. As we fill our bowls with cereal and sit on the station bench, surrounded by locals, guy next to me says ¨where are you from in Canada¨, thus we meet Jeff, from Calgary. Great talk with him for our hour wait for bus. As he has made smart move of Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires, helps us out with our spanish. The bus. We keep hearing these stories about these luxurious buses that feel essentially like ¨lazy-boys on wheels¨ with serving hot meals (¨oh it´s so great¨)... have yet to find one of these buses. After our local bus ride from Colon to here, we find that the first bus leaving Corrientes to Iguazu is a small bus company. ¨Oh, it will be fine¨... famous last words. After Jeff´s flashy shiny double decker bus arrives to pick him up, our small dodgy one arrives. We are given an unrecognisable meat sandwich meal (straight to bin). Seats most uncomfortable for night bus ride to Iguazu. Time 10:00pm, arrival time in Iguazu 6:30am. Sweet dreams! (spanish- Dulce swenya!)


At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Jason said...

Hey Elaine too bad about the food- I loved the food in Central America- fried meat, tortilla shells, chicken tortas with eggs or guacamole, and of course Coke about 8x a day-- I can honestly say I only had one or two "bad" meals down there, the one time when I went to a more expensive restaurant (can't remember what it was but it was bad- enchiladas?)
Anyhow keep on eating- you might find something you like? Think fried/ barbequed/ roasted MEAT!


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